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What does Brexit mean for logistics?

logistics insights Nov 12, 2019

The Brexit is a hot topic at the moment. Everyone is wondering what will happen next and how the industry will change. Alina from MOTION spoke to Glenn Hayes, who is the Managing Director of the UK and Ireland offices, of Worldwide Logistics Group. The company is a MOTION Member since 2016.


MOTION:  How do you think Britain leaving the EU will affect your business (and others in Britain)?

Glenn Hayes: I think we will have a lot more customers seeking solutions in Europe that are British and new customers from European Forwarders looking for UK warehouses and direct solutions. After no one will just stop trading they will just seek a new solution.


MOTION: How do you think Britain leaving the EU will affect logistics service providers globally?

Glenn Hayes: Leaving the EU will not long-term, we have always been an island and we have always traded like a seafaring island nation. That will not change in any way shape or form, it may just add a level of...

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