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We believe logistics is a people business. We know that together we are stronger. Our passion is connecting logistics service providers and helping them grow. While having fun.

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Our History

We were founded by Daniel Jakob and Joachim Reisinger in October 2014, with the aim to connect the most reliable logistics service providers worldwide.

Since 2016 we have been organizing conferences all over the world. Our mission is to help logistics service providers connect and grow their business in an enjoyable way. With this dedication, we treat our employees, partners, customers and members like family.

Our Values

A cornerstone to our business and our partnerships


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"Joining this network will definitely benefit small and medium sized businesses through incentives such as payment protection and partner promotions. And also the warmth of the network partners. Truly good partners across the globe."

Ajay Thampy, Principal CEO
Navio Shippings Co Pvt Ltd.


Our next conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain


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