About us

For many of our members, freight forwarding is a way of life and not just an occupation. We know that on this long journey, together we are stronger, and together is also more fun.

Our Story

MOTION Logistics Network was founded in 2014 in Germany. Our mission is to help small and medium sized freight forwarders offer tailormade logistics solutions on a global scale.

Since 2016, we have been hosting networking events around the world, bringing together people from all cultural backgrounds. We wanted MOTION to not just be another network, but a place where the members can feel at home and receive satisfactory personal support not just from the network team but also other members.
  • Quality
    All applicants are carefully screened to ensure high quality and professionalism.
  • Growth Oriented
    We are fiercely dedicated to the growth of our team and our network.
  • Personal
    Each member is special to us, and we strive to provide the best support possible.
  • Sustainability
    We aim for long term sustainable growth; therefore, we take a steady pace in acquiring new members that fit, and do not grow for the sake of growing.
  • Collaboration
    We believe that together we are stronger and magic happens when diverse people come together.
  • Fun
    If you spend more time at work than at home, then we had better make it enjoyable.

Meet our team

Alexander Hellmers


Ziwei Liu


Aditi Ailavajhala

Customer Relationship Manager

Zauresh Battalova

Sales Manager

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