The 2023 Annual Meeting: The Best is Yet to Come


September 17, 2023


September 19, 2023


Mai House Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City


The interconnectedness of our world makes it imperative for us to think globally. Recognizing that "the best is yet to come" reminds us of our potential as individuals, the catalyst for innovation and progress in our professional lives, and the foundation for global cooperation.

We experienced the same phenomenon at our 2023 Motion Annual Meeting this year in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Close to 40 attendees gathered at the 5-star Mai House Saigon Hotel, a charming boutique property, reminiscent of French Indochina. This marked the second event under our new management, which was an unequivocal success. The Annual Meeting started with a lively cocktail reception, particularly since most companies joining us were first-time participants. Our CEO delivered a brief and warm welcome toast, setting the tone for a memorable evening where members left as newfound friends.

After engaging in some intense one-on-one sessions the following morning, our guests gathered for an elegant gala dinner featuring a delectable fusion cuisine. The following day was primarily reserved for a half-day of meetings, creating a more laid-back atmosphere. Following the meetings, the formal sessions concluded with an enlightening presentation by SMP Global, offering valuable insights into the Vietnamese logistics market and an engaging Q&A session. Following these sessions, all members embarked on a bonding experience, culminating in a hands-on coffee workshop at Lacàph Coffee Experiences Space. Here, they were introduced to the art of brewing the renowned Vietnamese coffee, with some even daring to sample the distinctive Vietnamese egg coffee. After a short journey back to the hotel, each of our attendees received their well-deserved diplomas, officially becoming certified baristas—a delightful and fitting conclusion to a truly enjoyable event.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Alexander Global Logistics for their invaluable support as lanyard sponsors. Their support played a pivotal role in elevating the event to new heights. With a dynamic agenda featuring one-on-one meetings, a lively cocktail reception, an exquisite gala dinner, and an enriching coffee and bonding experience, our members not only forged new business connections but also forged lasting friendships.

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