Juno Logistics Illustrating the Need for Contingency Plans Through an Unforeseen Hurdle
August 16, 2023

In June 2023, a proud member of the Motion Logistics Network representing the United States of America, Juno Logistics, was entrusted by their long-time client to deliver press machines from Port of Savannah, Georgia, to Springfield, Kentucky. Originating from Japan, Juno Logistics took charge of the cargo upon its arrival in Georgia and meticulously planned the most efficient routes during personal meetings with the clients. Consisting of 361 packages, the total weight of the press machines was 1,726.34 tons, and it took up a volume of 3,847.825 cubic meters.

Photo Credit: Juno Logistics

To accommodate the high volume of packages, a large number of vehicles were required for delivery. However, Juno Logistics swiftly addressed this challenge by tapping into its vast network of contacts and leveraging strong partnerships developed over the years. As a result, the company's trusted carriers stepped up to the plate, providing a total of 93 trucks to facilitate transportation.

To transport the cargo efficiently, Juno Logistics utilized a combination of trailers, including two 19-axle trailers and eight 11-axle trailers. Prior to commencing the project, the team expertly managed all the necessary documentation and permits to ensure a seamless and compliant operation.

Photo Credit: Juno Logistics

During the project, a significant challenge emerged when the permit for the 19-axle trailers was unexpectedly denied, preventing entry into a specific state. However, the team at Juno Logistics swiftly adapted, devising an alternative solution that ensured the press machines could be delivered successfully and on schedule to their final destination. Throughout the entire operation, the team remained steadfast in prioritizing safety and adhering to all regulations.

To keep the client well-informed, Juno Logistics closely monitored the movement of the cargo and provided regular, round-the-clock updates. Real-time notifications allowed the client to track their shipment's progress seamlessly.

The successful delivery of the press machines stands as a testament to Juno Logistics' outstanding service, further solidifying its reputation as a leading force in the logistics industry.

Photo Credit: Juno Logistics

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Juno Logistics Illustrating the Need for Contingency Plans Through an Unforeseen Hurdle
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