Juno Logistics Moves US$16,200,000 Worth of Press Machines to Lafayette, Indiana
November 1, 2023

Juno Logistics, a member of Motion Logistics Network representing the United States, has recently completed the final delivery of press machines utilizing 99 trucks carrying 363 packages weighing 1,780.10 tons, with a volume of 3,897.097 CBM.

To ensure the seamless execution of this mammoth project, Juno Logistics deployed its dedicated Project Cargo Team, which oversaw the entire operation right from the port of departure. Their on-site presence was critical in monitoring the meticulous loading process, including installing GPS tracking devices for every truckload departing from the port. One of Juno's key strengths is its enduring relationship with the Baltimore terminal, a port frequently visited by RORO carriers. Notably, the port was operating at over 120% of its capacity during this transport, experiencing congestion. To proactively address potential challenges, Juno's team discussed with port authorities several weeks before the cargo's arrival, deliberating on the load plan and cargo staging location. Daily communication with the client and riggers ensured the loaded trucks' statuses were relayed promptly and efficiently.

The successful execution of this project demanded the utilization of specialized equipment, such as flatbeds, step decks, double drops, and multi-axle (RGN) trailers. The largest piece, measuring 780x415x375cm (307x163x148in) and weighing approximately 85,200 kilograms (188,000 pounds), necessitated a 19-axle trailer with special permits and police escorts. The loading and unloading processes involved the deployment of heavy forklifts and cranes, a logistical aspect that Juno had meticulously planned for. Furthermore, to protect certain cargo pieces from the elements, Juno ensured that loads were securely tarped or arranged within Conestoga trailers in alignment with the client's preferences.

Juno Logistics remains dedicated to providing top-notch and reliable services to its valued clients, assuring that their projects receive the highest level of care and attention throughout every phase of the logistics operation.

Congratulations, team Juno Logistics!

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Juno Logistics Moves US$16,200,000 Worth of Press Machines to Lafayette, Indiana
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