Working Around the Clock: Airland Logistics Successfully Transports Dangerous Goods from South Africa to Mali
August 4, 2023

Video Credit: Airland Logistics

Airland Logistics, representing Australia, Denmark, and South Africa in the Motion Logistics Network, recently managed the transportation of hazardous goods from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Bamako, the capital of Mali. The cargo consisted of 22 packages, weighing a total of 28.5 tons, with dimensions measuring 129 x 127 x 214 centimeters. The urgent shipment was destined for a mining site, where critical equipment components were needed to sustain production.

Prior to Airland's involvement, the stock supply was originally shipped by sea, but the sea leg experienced unforeseen delays. As a result, the team faced immense pressure to expedite the remaining operations and complete each stage swiftly. Once the cargo arrived in Johannesburg, the team diligently repackaged the dangerous goods in full compliance with IATA regulations.

Subsequently, Airland organized a charter for a Boeing 747-400 and meticulously loaded the freight onto the aircraft. The team worked tirelessly to meet a tight deadline at the company's warehouse, ensuring the cargo would reach the mining site before depleting stock levels.

To provide their client with real-time tracking and detailed information about the shipment's progress, Airland utilized the Logiman System, their proprietary tracking system. Throughout the process, the team adhered strictly to the highest international safety standards when handling spontaneously combustible cargo, taking all necessary safety measures to guarantee secure transport.

The Motion Logistics Network team extends hearty congratulations to Airland Logistics for yet another remarkable achievement!

Airland Logistics Website 

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